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GroundOnDemand’s iPhone/Android App is a very smart little tool that will save you money on your next ride. How? It will summon all the drivers in your area to a fair fight in order to bring to the fore the best one of them all. The best value for money, service and quality all bundled up in your next ride. Here’s how the easy booking process works.

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Easy booking process

Whether you need an instant ride or you are planning your ride in a week’s time, the App’s easy booking process works just as well. When the App is launched for the first time, you’ll be prompted to fill in a secure registration form with contact details and preferred payment method.

Ride now

When scheduling a ride use the App’s ride now feature, enter basic information such as your location, destination, select the type of vehicle you want to ride in and when you plan to ride. Do a final check of your itinerary and submit your request.

Driver tracking

From the moment the driver is dispatched you can use the App for driver tracking and see exactly when they are arriving. The process is simple. Your final step is to share your experience with others by rating the driver.

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